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Use Amazon EC2 to Host IPython Notebook

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Recentely I read a great article about Hosting IPython Notebook on Amazon AWS Free Tier from Scratch. This tutorial explains the way to host IPython Notebook using a Amazon EC2 Micro Instance.

I followed this tutorial and successfully hosted an IPython notebook on a Ubuntu 14 Guest AMI. I want to record some of important steps I took while following this tutorial:

Note: You can use nano to edit ipython_notebook_config.py file. It is located at ~/.ipython/profile_nbserver/.

Security Group

When you set up rules for Security Groups, make sure you include SSH, HTTPS and 8888 all of these. Lack of one can make your IPython Notebook fail. If you forget to do so when you set up the machine, you can set up later in your EC2 management console.

Elastic Ip

The tutorial suggest you link an Elastic IP to your instance so that everytime you try to access your instance in browser, you can type new ip address instead of long public DNS.

To do this, click Elastic IPs option in you EC2 Dashboard menu, which is in NETWORK & SECURITY section. On right panel, click Allocate New Address button. Then click Yes in the pop-up window.

Now a IP address should be generated. Rememeber to associate your instance with this IP address. Select this IP address, then click Associate Address button. A pop-up window will appear. Click Instance then select your instance in drop-dowm menu. You can also do other setting here. Click Associate to associate your instance to this IP.

Now you just need to type: https://your_elastic_ip:port_number to your IPython Notebook.

Make IPython Run as Service

You may want you IPython notebook still works after you shutdown your terminal/SSH. I got solution from this StackOverflow post. I got screen by typing sudo apt-get install screen, then do ipython server &.

If this not work for you, try screen ipython s instead

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