bootstrap-datepicker, a date-picker that is built for Bootstrap including different functions. It is created by eternicode.">

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Boostrap3 Date Picker

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You can try a sandbox here to expore more about bootstrap-datepicker.

General Usage

Generally everything is easy. After you refer source file (stylesheet and js) in code, create a <input type="input"> element. Then write following JavaScript code:

$("#your_container input").datepicker();

Now when you click input box, a calendar will appear.

Embeded Full Calander

You may want a full calender instead of a input box. First you make a <div> with id/className, The do same JavaScript code as above:


Disable Special Dates

One of the function I use very often is to disable some dates (Or only make a few dates available). You need beforeShowDay option to do this:

var avialableDates= [1,18,20];
    beforeShowDay: function(date){
        if(date.getMonth() == (new Date()).getMonth())
        //This means date apply to any month, you can also set specific month if you need

                //Do something to unavailable date
                return false;

                //You can also set opearation to available date

Do Something after User Choose Date

You may want to perform something after user click on a date. Use .change() and .on to detect user's selection and assign function to it:

  //assign options, such as beforeShowDay

function changeEvent(ev){
    var nowDate = new Date(ev.Date).getDate();
    //This is the date that user choose. You are free to use .getFullYear(), .getMonth(), etc

    //Do whatever you want to do

Problems and Solutions

P1: "cannot call method 'split' of undefined" error

S1: I find following steps to solve this problem:

  • First, check if there is any repeat id/class name as the one that you are calling

  • Second, try to add "format: ''" in option list

  • Third, check if your version is right: you can download a zip with both production version and full version here. Try to replace your javascript file with another version, and check if problem disappears.

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