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viewport creates a new axis inside svg area. It provides a new scale inside svg.

It has two attribute: width and height. These two attributes is defined as unit, such as em, px or %, depends on css setting. The default unit is px.

Example code:

<svg width="500" height="300"></svg>
<!-- A svg area with width of 500 unit, height of 300 unit-->


viewbox is a way of scaling svg view-able space. it has four attributes: x-position, y-position, width, height. Note a positive value in y-position meaning counting down from start point.

The use of viewbox is to expand item to full svg area, following the scale defined in viewbox. For example, <svg width="500" height="300" viewbox="0 0 150 300"></svg> means define a area width a width of 150 and height of 300 from zero-point, then expand it to full svg (width 500 height 300). Everything inside viewbox will be also re-scaled.

A great demo (Chinese) created by zhangxinyu can be found here.

img-responsive images/articles/2016/frontend/viewbox.gif


preserveAspectRatio has two attributes: how viewBox align with viewport, ratio of height and width.

The first attribute has two parts: x alignment and y alignment. Options are:

  • xMin: viewport and viewbox align on left edge

  • xMid: viewport and viewbox align on center of x-axis

  • xMax: viewport and viewbox align on right edge

  • YMin: viewport and viewbox align on top edge

  • YMid: viewport and viewbox align on middle of y-axis

  • YMax: viewport and viewbox align on bottom edge

So, a full option for first attribute is something like xMinYMid or xMaxYMax.

The second attribute has following option:


viewbox following its ratio, even the graph is out of svg area.

Example Code:

<svg width="400" height="200" viewBox="0 0 200 300" preserveAspectRatio="xMinYMin meet" style="border:1px solid #cd0000;">
    <rect x="10" y="10" width="300" height="300" fill="#cd0000"/>

Result from code above. Notice the rectangle is still in 2:3 ratio for width:height.

img-responsive images/articles/2016/frontend/ratio-meet


Keep current ratio, while expanding viewbox till short slide of viewport is filled (Even though the inner shape is smaller width/height than svg, the short side of svg is still be filled).

Result from code above. Note height is filled first, since it's the shorter side:

img-responsive images/articles/2016/frontend/ratio-slice


Shapes inside viewbox is hardly defined by its own width and height, without following any ratio.

Result from code above. :

img-responsive images/articles/2016/frontend/ratio-slice

If no preserveAspectRatio is market, following result should be seen:

img-responsive images/articles/2016/frontend/ratio-no

Also see this demo created by zhangxinxu.

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