Collection of AI Business Cases - Marketing/Sale

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Key Focus for Companies

  1. Understand more pain points of CDJ process
  2. One single source of selling data
  3. Link technology map to company value


Agile digital marketing

Optimizing paid search (SEM)


Maximize Organic Search



Digital buying/fulfillment

Optimized sales-coverage models

Transforming User Experience

Customer decision journeys (CDJ)

Key Pain Points in CDJ
  1. Discover Options: give a 'shopping list' to customer
  2. Quote: customers get quote for their desire, but not include everything or confused in 'shopping list'
  3. On-board: customer wait for quote approval, or need help from sales man first
  4. Purchase
  5. Receive Order: unclear order delay or no update of order status
  6. Manager: returning has to be done manually or inefficiently
  • Build minimum viable product prototype
  • Focus on the priories in key pain points of CDJ

Optimizing Pricing

Dynamic deal-scoring models

Data-driven performance management


  • Industry: OEM, CPG


  1. Use senor to tailor offers and information to increase the propensity to buy
  2. Use leverage radio-frequency ID (RFID) tags to automate inventory management


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