Structures & Frameworks CDC Workshop

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Structures & Frameworks CDC Workshop

Case Types

Profit Optimization

Profitability or Manufacturing Framework

Market Entry

Modes of Entry



Ansoff Matrix

Competitive Threat

Value Chain



  • cut sth to survive in long term
  • Profitability
  • Value Chain



Profitability Equation

Remember to divide by product type! Consider volume

Variable cost: raw materials, delivery, commission, direct labor

Market Entry

  • start from scratch (might be the worst idea): 4Ps, 5Cs, can we make money? Do we have compatibility of doing it(people, time, money...)? -> 4Ps analysis. Don't go to solution directly

  • acquisition & joint venture -> not same framework. How do we going to enter?

Ansoff Matrix
Value Chain
  • for customer experience (right side)
  • operation
  • competitive advantage

Pricing Framework

  • price floor(0 profit for producer): variable cost + allocated fixed cost
  • price celling (0 profit for customer): most value someone can obtain (what I can provide to customer)
  • between floor & celling: determine price range -> compare w/ competitors. Might not use substitutions

Purpose: guess to get closer to what we can guess best

Other Frameworks

BCG Matrix

Cash Cow -> Question Mark

Get rid of dog

McKinsey 75

Comprehensive framework

5 Forces

Part of sth hurting my business that I can change

How to make my business attractive

NOT --evaluate business--

Customer Journey

How to compete with customer

How to interact with customer

Technology Frameworks

Basics of Business

Structure - Blueprint

Explain Blueprint First! Too much explanation is better than not enough


Might have to stop and change the whole blueprint



Structure in center. Question area. Notes Area. Conclusion Slide

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