(Chinese) Highlights for 私はいくら?(精准努力) written by Mahito Noguchi(野口真人)

Highlights for this book about using financial thinking to handle 'what should I target' to in career improvement

(Chinese) Highlights for “Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much” by Sendhil Mullainathan & Elddar Shafir

My highlights for this great book to answer my question about deadline and time management

Reading Map for WHAT SMART STUDENT KNOW by Aadam Robinson & MIND MAP BOOK by Tony Buzan

Before jumping to new stage of my life, I'd like to take some time to wrap-up my previous learning experience and exploring the best practice in study style

Reading Notes for CFA1 Program Curriculum Volume 1 - QUANTITATIVE METHODS part

Reading Notes for CFA1 Program Curriculum Volume 1 - QUANTITATIVE METHODS part

(Chinese) Highlights for “The Minto Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing, Thinking, & Problem Solving/金字塔原理” by Barbara Minto

Great book for business writing. Most of highlights are appendix 3 of book. I post it here as reference.

(In Chinese) 排列组合简单笔记/A hand-writing brief note about permutation and combination

(In Chinese) This is a brief hand-writing note about permutation and combintation when I was reviewing statistics

(In Chinese) 小狗钱钱阅读摘抄| Highlight of 'Money Oder Das 1 X 1 Des Geldes' by Bodo Shafer

this is the first book I read after moving to Canada. Starting a new stage of life, I'd like to use this book as guidance to follow in personal investment.

(Chinese) Kindle Highlights for 読書は1冊のノートにまとめなさい (How to read a book effectively) by 奥野宣之

This is a highlight list (Kindle Exported) for book 'How to read a book effectively', written by 奥野宣之. I read Chinese version.

(In Chinese) 风格的要素-阅读摘抄 (The Elements of Style - Reading Note)

(This post is in Chinese) [William Strunk] /《风格的要素》 读书笔记

Object Oriented Programming in Professional JavaScript for Web Developers

Recently I decide to review some important knowledge in JavaScript by reading Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, written by Nicholas C. Zakas. This post is the hand-written reading note for Object Oriented Programming in ECMAScript5.