Reading Notes for Case Interview Secrets Part 3/4

Reading Notes for Part 3 and Part 4 of the Book "Case Interview Secrets - A Former McKinsey Interviewer Reveals How to Get Multiple Job Offers in Consulting", written by Victor Cheng

Notes for Consulting Bootcamp & First Team Presentation

Notes for Consulting Bootcamp and Feedback of MGMT5150 Presentation

Chapter 2 of Case in Point: Graph Analysis for Consulting and Case Interviews, written by Marc P. Cosentino Mukund Jain

My reading map of Chapter 2 Anatomy of Graph, from the book Case in Point:: Graph Analysis for Consulting and Case Interviews, written by Marc P. Cosentino Mukund Jain. This book describes basic analysis method for reading and interpreting graphs in case interview

Reading Notes for "The McKinsey Mind" written by Ethan M. Rasiel and Paul N. Friga

My reading notes for the book "The McKinsey Mind", written by Ethan M. Rasiel and Paul N. Friga. This book described some ideas McKinsey holding when encountering different business challenges

(In Process)Reading Notes for "别怕, Excel函数其实很简单I" Written by Excel Home

A review of Excel Functions before new school year: The study notes for the Chinese book "别怕, Excel函数其实很简单I", produced by Excel Home

Case Practice - Sample Case Interview Walkthrough from Management Consulted

Case Practice - Sample Case from

(Chinese) Book Highlights for Learn To Earn:A Beginner's Guide to the Basics of Investing and Business

Reading this book for fun, but it is also very useful for personal finance

Reading Map for CASE IN POINT, Chapter 1 to 5, written by Marc P. Cosentino

Case In Point is a great book to get an overview of business consulting. This reading map contains information from: Chapter 1 - Introduction; Chapter 2 - The Interview; Chapter 3 - Case Questions; Chapter 4 - The Ivy Case System; Chapter 5 - Additional Tools & Frameworks

Reading Map for Say It With Charts & Presentations

My reading map for the two great books: "Say It with Charts" and "Say It with Presentations", written by Gene Zelazny

(Chinese) Highlights for Fully Engaged! Using the Practicing Mind in Daily Life written by Thomas M. Sterner

Highlights for this book about using financial thinking to handle 'what should I target' to in career improvement