Bootstrap 3 Sticky Footer by Martin Bean and Ryan Fait

When I was working on creating front-end template for my work project, I found this Sticky Footer created by Martin Bean and Ryan Fait. It's a really clean and elegant solution. I learned a lot from it.

JavaScript and Color

This post is used to record useful tips of controlling color using JavaScript

SQL Basics

This post includes useful SQL basic knowledge I read online or learned in work. This post will be updated continually.

Spring Tips

This post serves as a sticky note for me to record Spring Core/MVC tips I got in job. I will update this post when I learn more.

Install Apache Spark with IPython Notebook Configuration on Ubuntu 15

I'm attending an "Introduction to Spark" online course, using Python and PySpark. I want to create an development environment on my Ubuntu 15 machine.

Collection of Tips for Creating/Controlling Dropdown on Web Page

This post records all the ways I found online and tested in my job for creating/controlling dropdowns in web page. I'll update this post when I find more useful tips.

Ajax and Spring MVC Controller

This post includes my experience when working with AJAX and JSON, using jQuery with Spring MVC Framework.

Boostrap3 Date Picker

This is a brief introduction about bootstrap-datepicker, a date-picker that is built for Bootstrap including different functions. It is created by eternicode.

Comparation of Ubuntu14, Linux Mint17 Cinnamon and CentOS7, from a Linux Beginner

This post is transferred from my old Hexo blog site, created on 2014. I want to be more familiar with Linux, so I tried Ubuntu14, Linux Mint 17 and CentOS 7 on my laptop. This post expressed my feeling.

How to Build A Basic Nikola Blog and Deploy to Github Page

This is a *old post* from my Nikola blog. I created it when I tried Nikola to learn Python. Current blog site is built by Pelican.