SparkSQL Basics

This post includes basic knowledge about SparkSQL, which will be continuously updated.

Dive into Hydra and My Thoughts

Project Hydra is a powerful repository solution, which are used by lots of institutions. To learn more about Hydra, I tried the Dive into Hytra tutorial. This posts includes my thoughts about it.

RequestDispacher and Redirection in Java Web App

This post describe the way to using RequestDispacher and redirect in Java Web App.

Ajax and Java Servlet

This post describe the way to using AJAX with JSP/Servlet Java Web Apps.

Ubuntu Tips

This posts will be continously updated, including useful tips I learned when using Ubuntu 14/15.

SQL Tips

This post includes useful SQL tips I read online or learned in work, including using RDBMS directly or programming for it. This post will be updated continually.

JUnit Basics

I'm planing to add JUnit and Cucumber to one of my work project. Before digging into Cucumber directly, I want to do a brief overview about JUnit.

RDF Basics

This posts includes basic knowledge I found online about RDF(Resource Description Framework), a standard from W3C to describe resources.

Search Engine Basics (Including Lucene)

This posts will be continously updated, including intersting serach engine knowledge I found online, with introduction to Lucene

JavaScript Object and JSON

This post is used to record information about JavaScript Object and JSON for future reference.