Quick Note about Box-Sizing/Box-Shadow

This is a quick reference note about box-sizing/box-shadow in CSS3

Learning Note - CSS Transitions and Transforms (Lynda.com)

This is a learning note for **CSS Transitions and Transforms** taught by *Joseph Lowery*, on *Lynda.com*, with accompanying knowledge from other resources.

Reading Note - JavaScript Scoping, Hoisting and Others

TypeScript Basics

The next project in my work involves in using TypeScript. This reading note is to go through official handbook and record some important knowledges about TypeScript.

Node.js Basics

Now most JavaScript packages been been integrated to npm. It is time to start exploring node.js and understand the best scansion to apply it.

Reading Note - Asynchronous in jQuery and ECMAScript 6

Recently I encountered a problem in my project: I need to load around 1,500 records from API and fill them in table. I tried to parse data and append them to DOM tree. While desktop browser working well, mobile browser had around 3 seconds freezing effect. To solve this problem, asynchronous in JS/jQuery will be useful. I read a few articles and wrote this blog post for future reference.

Apache Velocity Language Basics

This post is a reading notes for Apache Velocity User Guide, with basic information about Apache Velocity's Template Language(**VTL**) information.

Number Precision in JavaScript

The post includes the methods to precise numbers in JavaScript.

Algorithm and Data Structure Basics - Sorting

Recently I got a few free time besides my work, since my team's current project is coming to an end. I want to take this time to review some knowledge about Algorithms and Data Structures, so that I can have better way of solving problems in my next project. The main idea of this post coming from *Introduction to Algorithms (Third Edition/Chinese Version)*.

Algorithm and Data Structure Basics - Heap

I wrote this post to record some basic knowledge about using Heap for future reference. Code is written mainly in Java.